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A paradise for kitesurfer

Weather Station

Tatajuba is one of the best shallow water spots, with the most reliable and strongest winds in Brazil. The wind blows constantly from July to mid of January.

The wind on the water is approximately 8-10kt stronger than what the weather station indicates

Tide Calendar

The Tatajuba Lagoon is sensitive to the tide. At low tide the lagoon is dry and you have to walk to the shore break for a kite session. Should you pass through for a day or two, please check out the tide.
You can kite every time, when the wind is up, but Tatajuba makes your heart beat at afternoon high tide. The table below shows you the best days of the month (in blue)



all information are for orientation only and no guarantee for the sitation at the day. Remember - it is nature !

source: terminal portuário do pecém & Nautide App 


Tide Calendar 2024


Kite Location Tatajuba

Tatajuba provides a versatile playground for every kitesurfer

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Tatajuba Lagoon

Kite directly in front of La Ventana during High Tide +/- 3-4 hours.

You can kite all day at the shorebreak which is a short walk from the beach 

Guriu Lagoon 

Guriu Lagoon a 25m buggy ride upwind. You can kite in the lagoon, eat some crabs at the Baraccas close by and downwind back to Tatajuba. It is one of the nicest downwind stretches in Ceará.

Lagoa Torta 

Lagoa Torta is a sweet water lake between dunes and a rich forest. This is a fantastic alternative if we have low tide during the afternoon. The wind is more gusty, but the overall experience is worth the trip. The buggy ride takes 10mins. You will find Baraccas offering fresh seafood and cold drinks during the day. Dont miss the Duna Funil on your way back. This is a stunning dune where you can see the most breathtaking sunsets.

Downwinder Routes

In Ceará you can downwind from almost everywhere to everyhwere. The most common routes, when you stay in Tatajuba

  • Prea > Tatajuba  38km

  • Jeri > Tatajuba 24km

  • Guriu > Tatajuba 12km

  • Tatajuba > Moreas 9km

Kiteschools in Tatajuba

You want to learn kite or improve you skills? Tatajuba has you covered with various schools which are located directly at the lagoon

Kite Worldwide 

Group Size: Max 4 students with preference 2

Radio Helmet: Yes

Contact: +55 8899223-2032 Osvaldo 

Course Languages:


Sunset Kiteboarding

Group Size: Max 4 students with preference 2

Radio Helmet: Yes

Contact: +55 88 99486-1018

Course Languages:


Ohana Kitexperience 

Group Size: Max 2 students

Radio Helmet: Yes

Contact: +55 88 9900-3690 Lea

Course Languages:



Group Size: Max 3 students with preference 2

Radio Helmet: Yes

Contact: +88 99462-0829 Jardson

Course Languages:

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We are all about making your kitesurfing experience as smooth as possible.

We offer direct access to the lagoon of Tatajuba, one of the world's top kitesurfing spots. At our kite station you have all the space to park and clean your kite equipment. Even our lagoon is tide sensitive you can kite all day at the shore break.

We are always happy to help you explore the best kitesurfing spots in the area with day trips and downwinder taxis to Guriu, Jeri, Prea, Moreas or to the stunning sweet water lagoons in our backyard. So whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to learn, La Ventana has everything you need to make your kitesurfing dreams come true.

Your Kite Basecamp at La Ventana

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