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The 3rd stop of the The Big Air Tour 2022 will be in Tatajuba.
Window period: 5-15 September 2022. 
It will be run over several days in this window period. You can see some of the finest big air kite surfing in front of our pousada. Pre-invited surfers: Giel Vlugt, Janek Grzegorzewski (injured), Beto Gomez, Stijn Mul, Andrea Principi, Pippa van Iersel, Justine Avril, Zara Hoogenraad and many more....  

La Ventana is official sponsor

of the Tatajubafest 2022



Explore the inland lagoons of Tatajuba. It is a breathtaking landscape in our backyards, just 10mins from La Ventana. Kitesurfers find here an alternative spot for low tide days. The wind is more gusty... but the water is less salty.  :-) 

We bring you here to enjoy your day with cold drinks and music. The local baraccas provide excellent fresh seafood. 

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The lakes of Tatajuba

Ceará is the only place in the world where you can travel more then 1000km at the coast with your kite. One of the most beautiful downwinder stretches in Ceará is between Jeri Dune and Tatajuba with it's beautiful long bays. The wind pulls you perfectly along the shore. We organise various day trips for you from Preá, Jeri or Guriú. 


At high tide you can arrive directly in front of our pousada. Talk to us. We can arrange downwinder trips for you.

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Downwinder Day Trips

We want you to have a life time experience, rich in sports, nature and local vibes. Explore the beautiful backyards of Tatajuba with the breathtaking sweet water lagoons, hidden between perfectly shaped dunes.


Or spend a day (and night) in Jericoacoara. Explore the amazing sunset, shops and vibrant nightlife. All tours can be customized for you. 

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Explore our region 

There is always something to do, but why not just relax a day. Have a breakfast, enjoy our pool. Walk around and meet people, read a book or snooze. What else? There is

- Yoga Classes 

- Massage 

- Horse Riding 

- Guided Quad Tours

- Fat Bike Rental  

- Beach Tennis 

Or why not hang loose?

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